We started Firmament with a bet.

In 2015, we wagered that who was more important than where. We found that to be true, not only in regards to our team but in regards to the clients with whom we choose to partner. Headquartered in Berkeley, California, we have built a globally-based team with talent to burn. Our shared vision and values and more than 100 years combined experience allow us to deliver top-tier creative work for companies and causes all over the world.

Wherever we are in the world, we are united, clients and team, by one common thread: we love what we do, and we work with clients who love what they do.

Matthew Accardo

Art Director

Salt Spring Island, Canada

Martin Bory

Senior Developer

Prague, Czech Republic

Sudha Darling

Director of Operations, Social Media

Berkeley, California

Miles Hoffman

Account Director

Berkeley, California

Thomas Kloos

Digital Marketing Director

Vienna, Austria

Dan Marshall

Creative Director, Principal

Berkeley, California

Kala Narayan

Project Manager, Creative

Berkeley, California

Jamie Otelsberg

Senior Designer

Los Angeles, California