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Saukhyam Pads Brand Positioning and Website

  • Brand Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

As part of their work to empower rural women throughout India while improving public health outcomes and moving villages toward more sustainable living practices, Embracing the World set out to develop a reusable cloth pad that rural women would actually use. (Many reusable pads had been developed already, but innovators found that rural women balked at adopting them. A primary reason was modesty – they had nowhere to wash and dry the pads inconspicuously. In designing a pad that worked for rural women, the product team landed on a pad that was more practical for women everywhere. They called their new product Saukhyam, or happiness and well-being.

The Saukhyam product team approached Firmament to design and build a website to raise awareness about the new product and help them position the Saukhyam brand as head and shoulders above existing reusable pads.


We began by analyzing the existing market for reusable pads, and found it saturated. This indicated that there is already broad interest in sustainable sanitary pads. Thus, instead of focusing Saukhyam’s messaging on the benefits of reusable, we decided to focus on why women who are sympathetic to the idea balk at making the switch. After conducting interviews with more than 60 women, both from rural India and from the United States and European nations, we identified common key obstacles and worked with the product team to make sure that Saukhyam’s design addressed each of these reservations. Then we positioned the brand as sympathetic to women’s concerns and tailormade to address them. We put testimonials from actual users on every page of the website, speaking to those concerns and the way the Saukhyam pad design had put them to rest.

The responsive website raises awareness about the new product and builds anticipation and a mailing list in advance of the release of the product to market. We also created the website architecture, website UX and UI, and developed the website as a custom-built WordPress theme.

All services were offered pro bono.