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Intuit Quickbooks HTML5 app Experience for iPad

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • HTML5 App Development

Intuit Quickbooks wanted to offer an iPad-based quiz for attendees to their fourth annual Quickbooks Connect event. The quiz would build awareness about the advantages of their Quickbooks Online Accountant offering, and capture names and email addresses for follow-up. However the event was just two weeks away, so there was no time to get a new app approved through the App Store. Our partner agency Tangible UX, one of Intuit’s agencies of record, approached us for a solution.


Firmament researched, identified and executed a technical solution to deliver an app-like, kiosk experience on an iPad without going through the App Store. The quiz was built in html5, and used Kiosk Pro to run the html5 package with an app-like experience for the end user. The app provided feedback to the end user based on correct vs. incorrect answers, and offered admin users a separate interface providing one-click upload of captured names and email addresses to a Google Sheet.

We developed the UX, wireframes, polished the copy, coded the app and implemented the technical solution for a kiosk experience on an iPad. We designed the UI based on Quickbooks’ existing branding guidelines, and created an installation guide for admin users. The final product was in the clients’ hands less than 7 days from project kick-off.


Firmament has been a great partner agency for us — easy to work with, good communicators, and their work is top-notch.

James Young
Tangible UX