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Clinton Health Access Initiative[ ]Project Video

  • Art Direction
  • Video Editing
  • Infographics
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Lower Thirds

By 2006, the plague of HIV/Aids and its stigma had penetrated the heart of some of the world’s most remote communities. In Papua New Guinea (PNG), an estimated 65,000 adults and 5,000 children were infected, with no treatment available. Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) partnered with the governments of PNG and Australia to expand access to life-saving HIV testing and treatment for the urban poor and the rural majority of PNG.

The partnership worked. In 2006, there were no rural HIV treatment clinics. Today, there are over 30. HIV transmission to babies has dropped by 75%. The number of people tested for HIV in PNG each year has risen from 1,800 in 2006 to 405,000 in 2013.

CHAI approached us to help them tell the story of their work. They had already used a local video production company to gather footage from the field in PNG, but found that they were missing many of the shots they needed.


Without a budget to gather additional footage, we were tasked with video editing and the creative use of infographics and motion graphics to fill in the gaps and tell a story that would touch the hearts of donors and make a strong case for CHAI’s continued involvement in Papua New Guinea.