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We work with clients who work with love.

As an agency, we are dedicated to using our creative powers for good. If you’re our client as a for-profit company, that means you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you believe your company has the power to make life just a little bit better for your fellow human beings. That commitment can take many forms – it can be a commitment to excellence: we get more excited about the pursuit of perfection than just about anything else. It can be a commitment to beauty – we are firm believers that well-designed products and experiences are worth promoting. It can be something that just makes life a little easier. If that sounds like you,  let’s talk. 

Case Studies: Companies / Kidspiration.tv

Kidspiration.tv Website, Social Media, Digital Marketing

  • UX Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO

Independent Films is a BAFTA-winning production company responsible for some of the highest profile commercial advertising films of the last decade from the UK and Europe.

In 2016, they set out to democratize opportunity and inspiration with a new online channel created for and powered by kids. Kidspiration.TV launched with an online video series in which kids get to interview some of the world’s most amazing, accomplished and interesting adults, from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to an air ambulance pilot to the world’s most recognized private investigator.

We took their existing brand guidelines and built a kid-friendly, CMS-driven, fully responsive website to showcase their films and maximize sharing and viewing opportunities.

Later, Independent came back to us and asked us to re-tool their social media strategy. We analyzed the market as well as their existing audience, identified opportunities for growth, and kicked off a new digital marketing campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

When Kidspiration.TV was nominated for a 2017 People’s Voice Webby Award, we ran their Webby Campaign as well, closing the gap from 20 percentage points to just one percentage point behind the leading contender, Conde Nast/Wired Magazine.

In just 30 days, we were able to produce 746% increase in Instagram engagement and a 324% increase in Facebook reach.

Over a period of 90 days, with just $500 in monthly ad spend, the page’s total Facebook likes more than doubled – from 1,413 to 3,071 as of October 4, 2017.

Today, Kidspiration.TV continues to attract new audiences, and is now available in the air on the entertainment systems of British Airways, Swiss Air, Thai, and SAS Airlines. We continue to partner with them as strategists for branding, social media, and digital marketing.

Client Feedback

Firmament’s dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to achieve on behalf of their clients and themselves set them apart. As a team, they are very good at looking at all angles of a problem and are able to offer clients holistic solutions. They ask a lot of questions, and really do their research. Firmament established a plan and then put it into action, and we quickly saw measurable results. We especially appreciate the level of teamwork and communication Firmament offers – nothing has ever fallen through the cracks.

Jani Guest
Managing Director
Independent Films


Studio 8 Website

  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • SEO

Studio 8, the new multi-platform media company from Jeff Robinov, former president of Warner Bros. Pictures, needed a website to present their company and slate of films and television shows. Studio 8 is distinguished by its emphasis on visually distinct filmmaking, and it was important to them that this was reflected on their website. They also wanted total control over how their website looked from day to day, including freedom to build and regularly refresh their news landing page without being constrained by CMS-driven constraints like publication dates and post types.


We worked with Studio 8 every step of the way to articulate a look and feel and a CMS-driven, fully responsive website. To deliver on their requests, we went with a full-screen, immersive effect that works across all devices. The design is modern but not tied to the moment – when it made sense, we went our own way, adhering to simplicity, clarity and usability over what’s in style right now. We also custom-built a unique, drag-and-drop building block approach to the news landing page, and news article pages come in two formats so that the page works whether the associated visual asset comes to us in landscape or portrait format.

While the site was under construction, rather than go with a static landing page, we delivered a motion-based micro-site, designed to build anticipation, create a sense of mystery and potential, and convey the brand’s emphasis on visually distinct filmmaking. (Watch the video below to see a mock-up of the placeholder site.)

Case Studies: Companies / Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks HTML5 app Experience for iPad

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • HTML5 App Development

Intuit Quickbooks wanted to offer an iPad-based quiz for attendees to their fourth annual Quickbooks Connect event. The quiz would build awareness about the advantages of their Quickbooks Online Accountant offering, and capture names and email addresses for follow-up. However the event was just two weeks away, so there was no time to get a new app approved through the App Store. Our partner agency Tangible UX, one of Intuit’s agencies of record, approached us for a solution.


Firmament researched, identified and executed a technical solution to deliver an app-like, kiosk experience on an iPad without going through the App Store. The quiz was built in html5, and used Kiosk Pro to run the html5 package with an app-like experience for the end user. The app provided feedback to the end user based on correct vs. incorrect answers, and offered admin users a separate interface providing one-click upload of captured names and email addresses to a Google Sheet.

We developed the UX, wireframes, polished the copy, coded the app and implemented the technical solution for a kiosk experience on an iPad. We designed the UI based on Quickbooks’ existing branding guidelines, and created an installation guide for admin users. The final product was in the clients’ hands less than 7 days from project kick-off.


Firmament has been a great partner agency for us — easy to work with, good communicators, and their work is top-notch.

James Young
Tangible UX