We create brands, campaigns, websites, videos and print collateral for purpose-driven organizations. Get to know us by learning about our vision, our approach and the love.

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Our vision is to be a force for good in the lives of everyone our work touches, from clients to audience to team members and their families and the world as a whole. That’s not just words – it’s the air we breathe, and it informs the way we approach each project.

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We act with integrity at every turn, chase excellence in every aspect of every project, communicate clearly with kindness and respect, and give back to our community. Everything we do, we do with love.

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The Love

We start by listening and paying full attention to each client and their project. Everything we do is then filtered through that first act of listening, and we never settle for less than our best. More often than not, this approach means that the work we do is approved without major revisions. And that saves time and money for everyone.

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Firmament has been a great partner agency for us -- easy to work with, good communicators, and their work is top-notch.
James Young
Tangible UX
Firmament’s approach is incredibly thoughtful. Every minute detail of their work is purposeful and specific. They are talented, professional, responsive and passionate about doing good work. They are also not afraid to be honest - we appreciated that they were comfortable telling us when our ideas weren't going to work and what the best ways to attack issues were. We were incredibly happy with the work that was done and are very much looking forward to working together in the future. I would absolutely recommend Firmament.
Matthew Ducey
Senior Director of Digital Media
Pilgrim Media Group
Firmament’s dedication, enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment to achieve on behalf of their clients and themselves set them apart. As a team, they are very good at looking at all angles of a problem and are able to offer clients holistic solutions. They ask a lot of questions, and really do their research. Firmament established a plan and then put it into action, and we quickly saw measurable results. We especially appreciate the level of teamwork and communication Firmament offers - nothing has ever fallen through the cracks.
Jani Guest
Managing Director
Independent Films, Kidspiration.tv
We were in the early stages of envisioning this company when we hired Firmament and I worried that it might be difficult to communicate our ideas and needs. But Firmament was incredibly willing to hear us out and walk through different ideas with us. Working with them helped us to get clearer about our company and our brand. The end product was incredibly personalized and tailored to our needs. I would highly recommend Firmament to anyone who was interested in taking their website and brand to the next level.
Hannah Cullen
Founder and Artistic Director
After just a few hours touring the marina and asking excellent questions, Dan was able to grasp the intricacies of how our business works, from understanding the various revenue centers and what our customers value most. Firmament scripted and designed a wonderful, navigation-friendly site, then tailored it to work beautifully on every smartphone. Their attention to detail, follow through on deadlines and back-end service has been exemplary. We are most grateful for Firmament's help in giving our business new life.
Sean Ferguson
General Manager
Big Break Marina
Before hiring Firmament, I worried they wouldn't be able to capture my authentic self in the design of my website. Instead, they hit the nail on the head. Dan patiently asked probing questions about me to help me understand the direction I wanted to go - as a result, my confidence and self-value went up. From start to finish, Dan and his team treated me with care, understood the importance of my business and sent me in a direction I couldn't have dreamed up myself. Firmament delivered an amazing website and valuable insight about how important it is to get the marketing of my business on track. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!
Jessica Potts
Yellowbird Accounting
Dan and the Firmament team are smart, professional, and enjoyable to work with.
Gloria Abramoff
Managing Director
Tonic Productions
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